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April 2017 - Company founder Jeff Swedarsky back to blog

Our last entry was in spring 2014, only weeks before i had a near 40 foot fall that claimed my life and took my left arm. After nearly three years, and number of surgeries (including a transplant) and a lot of hard work, i am back.

We are getting a new look as our websites become responsive. We hope this will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, as well as better descriptions and pictures

And keep your eyes open for a new Baltimore Tour in the spring!

2014- A new look blog/news source coming soon

Starting in March 2014, we will be resetting the blog format for Charm city Food Tours and all Food Tour Corporation sites. It will serve as a place for news both with the company and around the area pertaining to great food, drink, culture, and other happenings. Stay tuned!

Opening up the 2012 season

April 8, 2012 - This is going to be a very exciting time for Charm City Food Tours. We will be officially launching the Mt. Vernon Food Tour (after nearly a year wait) this spring, we are starting multi day experiential Food Tours throughout the region, and we will be offering full Destination Management services with our recently staffed Charm City Food Tours event planning team. Basically we are becoming a one stop shop for anybody or any group looking to visit the greater Baltimore area.

We are continuing our collaboration with sister city DC Metro Food Tours and Annapolis Food Tours to jointly provide the best quality Food Tours and culinary based events in the region.

Help see a new Food Tour unfold

Join us in the first run throughs of the Mt. Vernon Food Tour! Please email us at if you are interested in trying out the Mt. Vernon Food Tour before the official launch.

We hope to hear from you!

Little Italy Food Tour in Baltimore begins

Charm City Food Tours is finally making its way to Little Italy. Our first Little Italy Food Tour in Baltimore will run December 11th- it's going to be one of FTCs very best food tours. All ticketing information should be available within the next week, but you can email us to pre purchase tickets. We look forward to seeing all of you on it.

Little Italy, the Culinary Club, and an exciting first year

Its been an exciting first season for Charm City Food Tours; by next week, we will have three food tours up and running, and made our way to the #1 thing to do in Baltimore according to Our Baltimore management team has put together a series of special events that we will be adding to our Culinary Club (a joint operation with the DC and Baltimore crew).

Before discussing the Culinary Club, we have to talk about the Little Italy/Jonestown Food Tour. It �s a week from opening, and is going to be fantastic. This was created to show you a very different look at the area, and give you the opportunity to see, eat, and experience things that most are unable to do out there

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